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100% Silk Satin 


Venice is one of the world’s greatest cities of art. Ella wished to ride a gondola and she found one that would allow her to cruise along the Venetian waterfront between the Piazza San Marco and the Public Gardens. As she was boarding the gondola, she accidentally fell into the water. A gondolier reached out his hand, trying to grab her arms to pull her up from the lake. She failed to catch his hands and so the gondolier swooped down from the gondola to save her. They reached shore completely soaked. The gondolier, enchanted by Ella’s presence, offered her a free gondola ride. They dried their clothes and started a nightlong journey of cruising up and down the canals. The Gondolier’s bushy eyebrows and silky hair were attractive as was his voice. He was a great singer who sang his heart out to Ella that night. After the romantic journey, she realized that Venice was not only a busy city but a magical one at that. “When you are with me, time comes to a halt,” the Gondolier said. He gave her a bouquet of gorgeous roses to thank her for their time together…

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