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100% Silk Satin

Size (cm)

Ella wanted to discover the story behind Emmental cheese in the town Emmental, Switzerland. So she set off for the peaceful and blossom-covered green hills spotted with sheep, country hamlets and dairies. Her excitement drove her to climb one hill after another, until Ella discovered that she was lost in the middle of nowhere. At this miserable moment, an young shepherd with intense yet subtle grey eyes passed her way. Helplessly, she reached out to him so he could be her guide. A crowd of sheep gathering around allowed them to move as a single entity until they moved on to a dairy farm owned by the young shepherd. After the lovely tour of the farm, the sky had become tinged with purples, pinks and fiery reds. They sat on the marsh grass and enjoyed the sunset. The shepherd closed his eyes and said: “Whether we talk about everything or don’t talk at all, I feel comfortable with you”. Ella could hardly pull her eyes away from his face to turn and look at the stars.Chailie designed this collection for Isabel to wear to the coalmine parties. Isabel is a fun-loving, amorous and fashionable woman who turns the darkness of the coalmine into a brighter place. She moved to the town because she followed her heart. Isabel remains true to city girl self by dressing accordingly, despite working in the coalmines.  In spite of uprooting herself, through an amalgamation of love and fashion, Isabel is able to remain jovial. Armed with a few essential elements in life, especially love, one can always generate contentment during difficult times.

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