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100% Silk Satin


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The Story of Love Journey collection begins when Chailie receives a sketchbook from a globetrotter in London. Ella, an enthusiastic wanderer meets Chailie on one faithful day. Ella, who is passionate about travel, had been to many places in the world accompanied by her sketchbook where she would record her true feelings. The story covers places like Monaco, Provence, Venice, Vienna, Emmental, Paris and London, where Ella has been searching for her soul mate. As Ella sees herself in Chailie, she decides to pass the sketchbook to Chailie in order to continue the journey and allow the passion of love to live on. When Chailie went back to Hong Kong, she introduced the collection with her unique watercolour prints that captures the feeling of being in love in different parts of the world, which she sees through the eyes of Ella in her sketches.

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