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100% Silk Satin


Size (cm)

Ella particularly likes the Eiffel Tower at night. One night, she selected the ideal location to start sketching the glamorous Eiffel Tower. As she began to lose herself in her art, she heard someone say, “Amazing! Your art portrays the Eiffel Tower like my photography does. Can I join you?”. It was a man who was carrying an antique camera. He introduced himself as well as his invaluable box camera which was given to him by his great grandfather. The photographer and Ella turned out to have a lot common, they both liked to explore and capture beauty in the world. Time passed swiftly and Ella had not realized that they had spent hours talking. Although they had just met, they were kindred spirits. Every moment of their time together was captured like a photograph in the depths of their hearts. The photographer proposed that they travel around the world together. “I would like to make endless possibilities and promises with you just because of who you are. No matter what may come tomorrow, my life is more fruitful today because of you.”…

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