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100% Silk Satin 


Size (cm)

It occurred in the gorgeous lavender fields next to a catholic marble church. Ella was apt at watercolor painting; especially the realistic painting of nature, which she felt allowed her to hear the sweet sounds of it. All her paintings reflected the unique experience of an individual. Ella picked up a brush and started to immerse herself in her wonderful world. She shuddered in the light breeze that crept through her hair. The beauty of the view and the calming aroma of lavender made her feel as if everything was so peaceful, so perfect. At the exact moment she finished drawing the light-brown church, the stillness in the cottage was no more. Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder and Ella turned back inquisitively. A man holding a long, flat, quill pen fell into her gaze. She was about to greet him but the man interrupted her and started to say,“… My angel who glides across the ground, would you mind receiving this poem that I wrote for you?”. Ella nodded lightly, took the poem and put it into her sketch book – where it would remain for life…

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